iView is a behavioural platform that delivers personalised communication, relevant to your customer's context and preferences.

Enabling the ability to organically grow comprehensive profiles on users, iView delivers optimised user engagement, enhancing the digital experience, and maximising revenue potential.
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Identify who your customers are; from their individual behaviour and preferences, to their location, device, or tariff.

This innovative technology is created through iView's ability to collate data from multiple sources throughout the user's lifetime to organically build an in-depth customer profile, enabling relevant and tailored messaging.
The Campaign Manager empowers our clients to launch, monitor, and optimise campaigns in real time, servicing customer needs and uptake of services.

The robust platform provides complete control over communication, enabling the ability to monitor and report on a range data, including how individual react to a range of campaigns and individual messages.
iView offers an avenue to generate revenue and product discoverability through the use of highly targeted campaign management.

iView delivers a more informative and personalised experience, relevant to the user's situation, educating them on device set-up and customisation, resulting in a reduction in support and retention costs.