Our platform eliminates the need for credit cards, or logging into third party payment services, providing genuine one-click billing, direct to the customer bill.

The mobile billing integration and management control platform provides a fast and efficient way to manage network operators, mobile payment partners, their products, and API connections, with multiple layers of advanced security.
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Unnecessarily long payment processes defer customers from completing purchases. MPP removes this inconvenience, improving the customer experience, and ARPU.

Our platform has capacity to handle heavy usage and improve payment success rate, while opening up new revenue streams, with the ability to also provide Freemium content.
MPP enables enhanced efficiency through the ability to manage and monitor partner connections, API’s, and products in real-time from a single location.

The platform provides enriched security, with different levels of payment capping, automated alarms, and the ability to instantly turn of connections, therefore providing a rich protection against fraudulent activity.
MPP provides advanced management, from creating new partner connections, to full and instant API management, with the ability to instantly disable unused price points and old API versions, or open access to new API’s or network operators from one central location.

Integrated payment partners benefit from instant access to a new network operator without further integration, thus enabling our partners to focus on their products and not the billing integration.
MPP enables the creation of products within minutes, with the ability to instantly manage and remove price-points. Products benefit from MPP's multi-layer security, including SSL, IP whitelisting, with the facility to create or change price capping for each partner and product.

MPP provides complete protection for the customer, the payment partner, and the network operator.
MPP's reporting reveals Key Performance Indicators and behaviour of each partner and product, as well as the ability to investigate into any unexpected changes in revenue, facilitating the opportunity to identify trends, strengthening the opportunity grow revenues.

Reports are broken down at a granular level, with the opportunity to understand the activity of different price-points and status codes, as well as monitor and investigate behavioural factors around LTV and ARPU.
Details of products are instantly imported into CS Lite, our customer service platform, to ensure the customer support team are able to provide knowledgeable support on each product and service, reducing support time and cost, while eliminating the need for re-training on each product.

Customer advisors have instant access on customer product activity during an inquiry and are able to initiate an escalation if required, permitting the facility to access further details for each product, guaranteeing an efficient and effective customer support service.