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Ed Smith, Product Director at INFOMEDIA reveals how iView is able to deliver a high-level personalised experience to the user.
Why do you believe the mobile industry required iView?

I feel we do the end-user/customer a disservice in the mobile industry by communicating so poorly with them once they have bought a mobile phone/tablet, or a carrier contract. Samsung, Apple, HTC, Google and others are creating amazing technology in Smart devices, yet as soon as the customer switches them on, users have to navigate learn and search out answers for themselves.

Furthermore, the ownership of the relationship between the user and their digital experience has become a noisy space. The user regularly interacts with a range of sources, from downloading content from multiple stores (e.g. Google Play and Samsung), to their OEM branded experience, along with their carrier service and features.

How can this communication issue be resolved?

What the industry needs is a communication tool that allows a carrier or a handset manufacturer to create a dialogue with their end users. The challenge with this is context; how do you engage with a user without bombarding all of them with every message? iView makes this communication possible by using device, behaviour, user and environment context to target engagement with the user, and help them make the most out of their device or contract.

How does the end-user receive communication through iView?

iView provides the end user with an on-screen companion (e.g. a widget in the case of Android devices, Live Tile on Windows devices) that allows them to see a range of messages that have been tailored to their context (device settings, preferences, apps installed, including environmental issues such as day of week, tariff, date, tenure).

What experience does iView deliver to the end user?

The user can scroll through the messages or click on the message to start a journey on the device. On clicking a message, iView may open a web page, compose an SMS, start a voice call, change device settings, play a video, or initiate app download, open an app, and more. Each message therefore becomes the start of a journey for the user to engage further with their device or carrier.

How is this experience unique to the individual user?

iView provides users with a companion tool that can perform any number of device actions, but the real intelligence of iView is with its ability to tailor messages to each user individually. Each user is different, their devices are different and configured differently. The apps installed, actions they have taken, carrier tariffs, tenure etc are all unique. So the needs of one user will be different from the next, and change day by day.

How does iView create this experience for the end-user?

iView uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to create a unique set of messages for each user each day. This means users do not need to search through hundreds of messages to find the one or two that are relevant to them right now. Instead we provide a finite set of messages that are relevant to the users, environment and device context. In addition, a user can also configure their own on-screen environment by managing their messages, they can also share a message, delete a message or bookmark a message to use later.
How is iView able to detect the user's behaviour?

iView is able to tailor the messages displayed to the end user based on many influences and contextual information that is processed through our patent pending algorithms. The context could be as simple as day of the week, or time of year. It could be how long that user has been with the carrier, or how long they have had their device. It can also be based on user interaction and what the user has installed on their device; or even what their device is doing at any particulate time. iView does this while also being sensitive to privacy concerns, processing some of this context information on the iView servers, but processing much of it on the device itself, making it real time and also privacy sensitive. By combing these influences we can create a truly sensitive service that has a demonstrable track record of assisting the user and also enriching their experience.

How can communication through iView be controlled by the operator?

iView provides the administrator management tools that create messages and apply conditions, context and various marketing algorithms. Enabling an administrator to create, and target messages, and edit based on the data analysis that can all be accessed through the iView Management Tool.

How does this compare to other products in the market?

We have seen a range of products that start to engage the customer past point-of-sale. These include the Discover Vodafone, HTC Blinkfeed service, or Samsung Games service to name a few. What makes iView stand out from these offerings is that we have created iView as a companion tool, rather than attempting to control the user, or assuming the user is more interested than they typically are. We have done this by making the iView window reactive on the device, and also by targeting the messages. Therefore the following three areas means iView is in a league of its own for end user engagement:

• iView uses sophisticated patent pending algorithms to tailor a set of messages to the user based on device context, user behaviour and environment information. Everything the user gets to see should be relevant and of interest to the user.

• iView has been created as a companion to users rather than another intrusive marketing tool. Our user data proves this approach has created an engaging companion that users overwhelmingly embargo and use on an ongoing basis.

• iView also has the administrative tools to make this a simple deployment and a service that can be easily managed by manufacturers, carriers or content providers alike.


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Published by INFOMEDIA, May 1st 2014