"We strongly believe this collaboration with INFOMEDIA provides a new, fun and exciting way to engage with our mobile savvy fans globally"

Barry Bookhard, Chief Operating Officer of Dr J Enterprises
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Mobile Development Partnership to Utilize INFOMEDIA’s Fan Loyalty Apps in Conjunction with Julius Erving and the Emmy Award Winning Documentary "The Doctor"
INFOMEDIA, a provider of innovative mobile technology, today announced a new collaboration with NBA Legend Julius Erving and Dr. J. Enterprises, a media company enabling television, film, video, and internet initiatives.

This development comes on the heels of the successful acquisition by INFOMEDIA of the Vringo Mobile business unit in Q1 of 2014. Vringo's Fan Loyalty application, now part of the INFOMEDIA’s expanding suite of products and platforms, has the ability to feature exclusive content and integrated social video capabilities for sports highlights and shows. The efforts already underway between INFOMEDIA and Dr. J. Enterprises are expected to result in applications being launched as early as May 2014 year, with the first product focused on the Emmy-award winning documentary "The Doctor".

INFOMEDIA's products and partners already include major sports franchises such as Liverpool FC, in addition to the deployment of major customer relationship apps for Tier 1 Mobile Operators and leading global handset manufacturers. Dr J Enterprises has contributed to an extensive list of entrepreneurial successes ranging from technology products to consumer brands, and a track record that includes both business growth and philanthropic achievements.

Michael Tomlins, CEO of INFOMEDIA, said "INFOMEDIA's continuing expansion into new territories and consumer experiences is represented by our proud new venture with the most popular sport in the USA. Our partnership with Dr. J Enterprises creates a unique opportunity to deploy our technology within some of the biggest sporting and media organizations globally."
"As one of the NBA's most recognized names, Julius Erving is leveraging strategic partnerships to revolutionize sports entertainment the same way he revolutionized the sport of basketball. We are always looking for innovative technology to develop new methods to reach and entertain the sports-centric community of consumers. We strongly believe this collaboration with INFOMEDIA provides a new, fun and exciting way to engage with our mobile savvy fans globally" said Barry Bookhard, Chief Operating Officer of Dr J Enterprises.


DR J ENTERPRISES is engaged in the ownership, business development, commercial utilization, merchandising, television, film, video, internet and philanthropic involvement of the Julius "Dr. J" Erving brand. Their business model consists of leveraging the name, likeness and intellectual property of Mr. Erving primarily through endorsements, personal appearances, strategic partnerships, board memberships, equity participation and worldwide licensing programs. For more information, please visit:


INFOMEDIA is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management and monetization technologies to mobile carriers and device manufacturers. After its recent acquisition of Vringo's research and development center with its existing operation, INFOMEDIA is positioned strongly to create a more integrated global product offering for delivery into major carriers, OEMs, and enterprise partnerships. For more information, visit:
Published by INFOMEDIA, May 1st 2014